Sunday, January 27, 2008

Save Butters

On November 16, 2007 our beloved bulldog, Butters, was enrolled in a 30 Day Obedience Class. For the next 30 days, Butters would remain in the care of a professional trainer at "The Dog House" located at 109 Fleming Street Fredericksburg, VA. "The Dog House" boarded several other dogs that were there to learn how to walk on a loose leash, sit, recall, and lay down.

Butters had been making great progress during his training and had even made new friends. He had learned all the commands, and was just 3 days away from returning home to his family for Christmas. But on the 27th day of training he was taken away by Animal Control and now faces the death penalty.

On December 12, 2007 the trainer and his son had entered Butters’s kennel to replace his blanket. According to the trainer, Butters bit the trainer’s son while the two were exchanging his blanket. Fortunately, the trainer’s son is OK. Unfortunately, I have been charged with owning a “vicious” dog and the penalty is that Butters be put to sleep.

On December 28, 2007, I went to trial without a lawyer. Due to the holiday week it was impossible to find an attorney that could defend us on such a short notice. The trainer, Shawn Deehan, was the only admissible witness, and he had expressed to the courts that he wanted Butters destroyed. Unfortunately, Butters couldn’t speak to defend himself. We lost the case and Butters was court ordered to be euthanized.

Click Here to watch a video of Butters.

The Dog House has been telling people that we are just an "irrate" customer making false accusations. Here are the documents proving that these statements are true.

Thank you.